11 May 2020

What Compensation Can You Claim After An Automobile Accident?

Most people injured in automobile accidents are completely unaware that there are many types of damages for which they may be eligible in the days, weeks and months after their accident.

It’s quite a bit more complicated than just contacting your insurance company and sitting back and hoping for the best. Tens of thousands of cases negotiated by Injury Help Desk’s national network of specialized lawyers prove otherwise.

It’s more than a paper maze. It’s a constant back-and-forth of emails, phone calls and letters and face-to-face negotiating that has been proven time and again through millions of dollars of compensation that might otherwise never have been paid.

Here’s a list of expenses for which you can be compensated that details just what be available. These areas can be further detailed in full if you take advantage of the free consultations offered by Injury Help Desk’s specialized network of attorneys.


First and foremost, we’ve got to attend to your injuries and get you healed. Whether the injuries are minor or major they can add up rapidly and mount over an extended period of time. These can include expenses for both physical and mental treatment as well as hospitalization and physical therapy. Our legal team in Injury Help Desk’s network can guide you along in your recovery and arrange that you get medical treatment with no out-of-pocket costs.


Your car may have been totaled or it may be repairable. In either case you are going to need transportation to get back to work or get around town while you recover. Our specialists at Injury Help Desk Whether your car is fixable or not, it’s important to have a vehicle for work and life. Our experienced attorneys have helped thousands of auto accident victims find repair shops and rental cars. Both are significant costs for which you are eligible to be reimbursed.


All too often when someone is injured in an automobile accident they can’t work and earn a paycheck. Bills pile up. You may even wind up losing your job or be physically incapable of returning to the type of job you once held because of the lasting effects of your injury. You may not even be capable of working due to incapacitating injury.

Injury Help Desk’s national network of specialized lawyers have dealt repeatedly with such traumatic aftereffects of auto accidents and will be your strongest advocate in fighting for the maximum benefits over the wages you have lost as a result of an automobile accident.

That compensation isn’t just limited to the wages you’ve already lost. It also applies to future compensation that you may not be able to otherwise earn due to your injuries.

Our specialized lawyers have successfully negotiated thousands of cases in which injured victims had their careers interrupted or ended as a result of an auto accident.


Through no fault of your own you’ve suffered a period of time in which you have had pain and suffering from your accident. That period may extend long into the future or for the rest of your life.

You deserve under the law to be compensated for this. Injury Help Desk’s national network of specialized lawyers have repeatedly surprised their clients with the amount of compensation paid out in such damages.

Insurance companies consistently attempt to downplay the effects that auto crash victims suffer mentally and physically through physical handicaps, emotional distress and the simple inability to live their lives the way they did before their accidents.

Insurance adjusters have handy formulas they repeatedly employ in simply adding up medical bills as a means of compensation when an auto crash victim’s pain and suffering goes far beyond the numbers punched into an invoice.

In reality, there is no set amount of money that adequately addresses an auto crash victim’s desire to be pain-free and under the cloud of mental stress inflicted by injuries suffered in an accident.

Please take advantage of a free consultations through Injury Help Desk’s national network of specialized auto crash victim attorneys to find out just what pain and suffering damages might attach to your accident.

Be aware there may be legal time limits that could handicap your ability to collect the full amount of damages to which you may be entitled so it is imperative that you contact us as soon as possible.