Victims Of Infected Synvisc-One Injections! Seek Immediate National Legal Assistance

When we go to a hospital or a doctor’s office for care we trust that the medications and medical devices we are treated with to be safe and effective. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

That fact has been unfortunately underlined in the urgent national recall of nearly 18,000 Synvisc-One knee injection syringes following the revelation that the devices were contaminated.

It was not immediately known how many unsuspecting patients seeking treatment for arthritis had knee injections with contaminated syringes before the recall but court records show that there are an increasing number of Synvisc-One lawsuits being filed across the country.

Sifting through medical records can be a daunting process but the national network of experienced attorneys at Injury Help Desk are well-versed in such cases and are offering free consultations to any victims of contaminated Synvisc-One injections.

Be aware that there may be restrictive time limits governing your ability to recover damages for any medical expenses, loss of wages and pain and suffering you may have encountered so contact Injury Help Desk as soon as possible.


Victims of these contaminated syringes suffered serious leg pain and injuries that required medical treatment, hospitalization and even led to deaths, according to the lawsuit that have been filed in these cases. Among the symptoms:

  • Knee pain
  • Swelling
  • Soreness getting in and out of bed
  • Fatigue
  • Trouble walking
  • Heat or redness
  • Fluid build-up in or around knee

Parent company Sanofi Genzyme on Dec. 11, 2017 announced the urgent voluntary recall for 18,000 Synvisc-One knee injection syringes because it said an internal investigation discovered bacterial contamination. More than 12,000 syringes in the lot had been in distribution for up to seven weeks.

“The voluntary product recall of one (1) lot of Synvisc One, lot 7RSL021, is due to an ongoing investigation which revealed the presence of microbial contamination,” said Sanofi spokesperson Heather Guzzi in an email. “Use of this voluntary recalled lot may result in a risk of infection.”

According to the Food and Drug Administration adverse reports were received from patients injected with the recalled gel who then reported serious complications, including pain and infections that needed to be treated in emergency rooms and hospitals.

Contaminated syringes belonged to lot 7RSL021 and were initially distributed to 36 states on Oct. 25, 2017, according to court files.

Synvisc-One was approved by the FDA in 2009, brought in nearly $410 million in sales in the year before the recall. The gel serves as a lubricant and shock absorber and is injected into the knee to provide up to 6 months’ worth of relief for people suffering from arthritis.

The gels are composed of a mixture of hyaluronan – a natural chemical found in healthy joints — and a saline solution and administered in an ongoing regimen of injections.

If you have any questions about your ability to seek the compensation you may deserve if you suffered an infection form a Synvisc-One product knee injection please contact the national legal team at Injury Help Desk as soon as possible.

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