13 May 2020

Subway Accident Lawsuit Settlements

If you or someone you loved has been injured in a subway accident, you may be eligible to file a subway accident lawsuit through the national network of attorneys available through injuryhelpdesk.

Free case evaluations are now being offered by the specialized lawyers you can contact through injuryhelpdesk to determine your options in seeking aggressive, effective pursuit of the compensation you may be due for your injuries or that of a loved one.

Our network of experienced attorneys is well versed in municipal litigation involving claims, lawsuits and settlements involving city, county, state and federal authorities, which makes subway accident lawsuits different from a typical injury lawsuit.

For instance: There are very restrictive legal time limits involved in filing a claim in such cases, in most cases within 90 days after the accident.

This is why it is vitally important to contact the experienced team of lawyers available through injuryhelpdesk as soon as possible to protect your legal rights! Exceeding this timeline could subject you to the denial of your claim regardless of its merit.

This will allow your specialized subway accident attorney available through injuryhelpdesk to begin the complex and time-consuming litigation involved in such cases and relieve your stress level while you recover from your injuries.

Issues Associated with Subway Accident Lawsuit Settlements

Who owns and maintains the trains, subways, and stations? The right to sue and who to sue can be affected by preliminary matters, including:

Sovereign immunity: There are some jurisdictions that may bar you from suing the affected agency.

Notice of claim: As mentioned above, an injured party by a subway accident usually is required to send a notice of claim within 90 days of the accident.

Damage caps: Federal law may limit the amount of non-economic damages. The maximum award for the injured passengers (injured in a train accident) is $200 million total.

Please contact the national network of specialized subway accident lawyers available through injuryhelpdesk to aggressively pursue your subway accident lawsuit settlement case and spell out the legal options in your case.

We are dedicated to connect you to a professional, experienced subway accident attorney who is well-versed in this complicated area of law and will battle for the compensation that you or a loved one may be entitled to.