SAN FRANCISCO — Uber and Lyft must make their drivers in California full employees, a California judge ruled on Monday, a key blow to the companies’ efforts to continue to classify their gig workers as independent contractors.

The State of California has obtained an order requiring Uber to treat their drivers as employees which would entitle you to benefits like minimum wage and unemployment.  The Order also helps our cases for past damages against Uber for you.  Uber is doing everything to fight this ruling including attempting to scare drivers into voting for an unfair Proposition that would continue to allow Uber to exploit drivers.  Complete this form, even if you don’t drive for Uber, and we will fight for your employment rights. We cannot assist drivers outside of the state of California.

ATTENTION:  All 1099 rideshare and delivery drivers who may have been misclassified as independent contractors or were unfairly deprived of the money you earned, the mileage you accumulated or other benefits.  You may be eligible to seek a rideshare and delivery driver lawsuit or settlement.