26 May 2020

Product Liability Lawsuits Protect Everyone; Contact Us For A Free Case Consultation

Americans love to spend money.  Trillions of dollars are spent each year on everything from luxury automobiles to cheap fast-food hamburgers. However, when some of these products are defective, causing injuries or property damage we have the right to sue for compensation of our losses.

Court files show that huge numbers of product liability lawsuits are filed each year and settlements and jury awards are sometimes so large they draw huge headlines and force companies to reduce dangers to consumers.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a defective product there are now free case evaluations being offered through the national network of specialized product liability lawyers available through injuryhelpdesk.

However, it is important that you contact us immediately so our experienced legal team available through injuryhelpdesk can begin aggressively pursuing your case because there may be legal time limits involved in collecting the compensation you may be due.

What are the stakes involved in a product liability case? They can be huge, as mega automaker Toyota discovered. Let’s use their case as an example.

A few years ago, owners of Toyota vehicles were terrified to learn that some models had a deadly defect because the accelerator pedals were sticking, leaving drivers unable to slow down. In fact, some vehicles accelerated so fast that the vehicles sped out of control into fatal accidents.

An avalanche of product liability lawsuits followed and after several years of litigation Toyota agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit filed by Toyota owners for $1.1 billion and agreed to make changes in the accelerators to ensure consumer safety. Many private lawsuits also were settled for an undisclosed amount.

That was an expensive lesson for Toyota. Many other product liability cases were even larger. The tobacco industry paid out many billions more over the cancer-causing effects of long-term smoking, for instance.

In the tobacco litigation it was proven that the tobacco companies were aggressively marketing cigarettes without warning the public about the inherent dangers even though they were made aware through internal studies that the cigarettes were addictive and had life-threatening dangers.

The Toyota and tobacco product liability lawsuits were eventually settled through intensive investigation by dedicated lawyers, such as those in the national network of lawyers available through the national network of injuryhelpdesk.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a product please contact us so our national network of lawyers can immediately begin aggressively pursuing your legal options to compensation.

The number of product liability cases is increasing by thousands of cases each year and out-of-court settlements and jury awards are showing corresponding increases, according to court filings across the country.


The national network of attorneys available through injuryhelpdesk is prepared to investigate a wide range of product liability cases and is experienced in cases in which a company may be found liable for injuries or property damages such as:

  • Design defects: These cases occur when manufacturers make errors or produce products that have inherent flaws.
  • Manufacturing defects: These cases can be proven even though a product may initially not have had problems in its design but something goes wrong during its manufacture to cause it to become defective.
  • Marketing defects: These cases happen all too often when companies put profits ahead of consumer safety by aggressively marketing a product but failing to warn consumers about dangers or providing enough information.

Here at injuryhelpdesk, we’re consumers, just like you. We expect that the running shoes, refrigerators, cell phones and whatever we buy and use on a daily basis function properly and not endanger our health.  That is our legal right.

Unfortunately, not all product manufacturers hold to these standards and when that happens through manufacturing defects, faulty instructions, design errors or a marketing campaign that misinforms we have the right to seek compensation for any injuries or property damage we may have suffered.

Don’t hesitate and imperil the legal options to which you may be entitled because of legal time limits. Please contact the national network of attorneys available through injuryhelpdesk as soon as possible to ensure aggressive and effective legal action on your behalf.