13 May 2020

IVC Filter Lawsuit Settlements

Have you or a loved one been put in danger of a stroke, heart attack or other life -threatening serious medical problem because of an IVC filter? Did you have an IVC filter implanted only to suffer filter fracture, migration or embolization?

If so, you are not alone and you may be able to join thousands of others who are seeking compensation for problematic inferior vena cava (IVC) filters that have, in some cases, according to court files, led to deaths.

If you or a loved one had an IVC filter implanted or still have one and are suffering serious medical problems free case evaluations are still being offered through the national network of specialized attorneys at injuryhelpdesk.

Because of the way the legal system works there may be legal time limits that could adversely affect your right to collect damages in failed IVC filter lawsuits so please contact us at injuryhelpdesk as soon as possible to review all of your legal options.

So, what are IVC filters?

They’re medical devices made by manufacturers such as C.R. Bard, Cook Medical and other IVC filter makers that have been used for years as an alternative to blood thinner pills prescribed by doctors to treat thromboembolism and keep the heart functioning properly.

Unfortunately, according to IVC filter lawsuits, the filters in many cases have not been working properly and the failures have resulted in jury verdicts of millions of dollars against the manufacturers.

IVC filter victims claimed in these lawsuits that the IVC filter companies put consumers at serious risk because of inadequate testing, knowingly put faulty products in the marketplace and failed to adequately warn health care providers and patients about the risk of serious health problems.

The Food and Drug Administration has gotten involved in the controversy over the safety of IVC filters and in 2014 issued the following warning:

Summary of Problem and Scope: The FDA has received reports of adverse events and product problems associated with IVC filters. Types of reports include device migration, filter fracture, embolization, or fracture fragments to the heart or lungs, perforation of the IVC, and difficulty removing the device. Some of these events led to adverse clinical outcomes. These types of events may be related to how long the filter has been implanted. Other known long-­term risks associated with IVC filters include lower limb deep vein thrombosis and IVC occlusion. For patients with retrievable filters, some complications may be avoided if the filter can be removed once the risk of pulmonary embolism has subsided. The FDA is concerned that retrievable IVC filters, when placed for a short-term risk of pulmonary embolism, are not always removed once the risk subsides.

A review of court files shows that there are a great number of IVC filter lawsuits filed by victims who did not have their filters removed after FDA warnings or were unaware they should be removed.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries from an IVC filter please contact us at injuryhelpdesk as soon as possible so our national network of specialized attorneys can review for you the legal options you may have to compensation.