Free Covid-19 Business Interruption Case Evaluations Are Now Available Through Injury Help Desk

Have you been told your business interruption insurance claim has been delayed or denied because of the Covid-19 coronavirus? Are you struggling to stay afoot financially while you OBEY government guidelines on how to operate during the epidemic and are getting no help from your insurer?

If so, you should consider acting immediately to contact the national network of business interruption attorneys available through Injury Help Desk and allow us to outline what your legal options are and aggressively pursue the funds to which you may be entitled.

WARNING! Please be aware that there may be legal time limits involved that negatively affect your legal options so please contact us as soon as possible for a free case evaluation over what business interruption funding options you may have during this epidemic.

These are troubled times for everyone as businesses, government agencies and public facilities all are affected negatively by the Covid-19 coronavirus regulations that may carry on for an indefinite period.

In the meantime, you may be unclear or unaware about what the business interruption clauses and conditions of your policy mean and whether your insurance company is providing all of the compensation that you may be due.

Our business interruption lawyers have discovered that some insurance companies are using a blanket denial based on the coronavirus that may not be true and frequently can be challenged because Covid-19 is unlike anything we have seen before and may not necessarily fall under the umbrella of other epidemics.

Allow us to provide specialized legal assistance from the network of attorneys available through Injury Help Desk to navigate through what are becoming unchartered waters in terms of the fallout from the coronavirus and the relationship between businesses and insurers.

With unemployment soaring and more and more businesses trying to make ends meet the number of business interruption claims has skyrocketed and hiring your own business interruption lawyer who can aggressively pursue your rights and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation you may be due under the terms of your contract.


  • A skilled business interruption lawyer will be familiar with this complicated part of insurance law and be able to quickly inform you of the legal options you may have to compensation.
  • A skilled business interruption lawyer will be able to make a claim effectively and precisely.
  • A skilled business interruption lawyer will be able to decipher and identify specific exclusions and extensions, such as civil authority coverage, virus exclusion clauses, pandemic and communicable disease coverage and special event coverage.
  • A skilled business interruption lawyer will have experience in dealing with insurance company adjusters.

In order to speed up the process of your free business interruption case evaluation please have the following items organized for our review:

  • Your business licenses.
  • The date your business was forced to close.
  • The reason your business was forced to close.
  • A complete copy of whatever insurance policies you took out to insure your business.
  • Was your business contaminated by the Covid-19 coronavirus?
  • Your payroll, profit-and-loss statements and any other operating documents.

If your business has been interrupted by the coronavirus and you have a valid business insurance policy protect your rights and make sure that you obtain the full benefits of the policy that you have been paying premiums on.

Take advantage of the free case evaluations offered through the network of attorneys at Injury Help Desk and allow these specialized lawyers to begin aggressively your business interruption claim.

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